16 Euro or 400 CZK per person
unforgettable city walking tour -
taking you places a bus never could

Prague's best tour guides take you on a three-hour journey through this magical city and along the way you will discover the history, culture, politics, food, legends and hidden gems of the true heart of Europe.

The Tour 4 Charity is only 16 Euros with all proceeds of ticket sales going to Chance 4 Children.
Our guides work for free! That's right, free! They work purely for the gratuity at the end. So it's up to you!
This ensures the guides deliver the best possible tour, with you the judge of what it is worth.

Tour starts at 10:15am daily at the Municipal House (Obecní dům), Náměstí Republiky 5 at Metro B (yellow) stop, near Palladium Shopping Mall.

Introducing the founders of Tour 4 Charity

John Paul Franke, an internationally-raised American and former Chance 4 Children (C4C) volunteer, and Ashley McGlynn, from down-under Australia, met as competing free-lance guides in Prague.

Despite being on opposite teams, they soon became friends. Both being the top-rated tour guides in their companies, they began looking into starting something new, as partners. The idea was born of tying their love of tour-guiding to a meaningful and benevolent cause. They selected Chance 4 Children as the beneficiary of their efforts, and the rest is history.

John Paul, Ashley, and their crack team of hand-picked guides hope that through their work - showing off the best of Prague whilst making you laugh and smile - countless children will benefit from Tour 4 Charity and receive the chance that every child deserves.

what people say ON...

“JP - Historian, Comedian, God”

We took the tour of Prague around the city and to a man could not have enjoyed it more. John Paul was our guide and he kept a large group of 30-40 including university History students thoroughly entertained throughout the tour. Flawless knowledge of the city centre, coupled with a contagious enthusiasm for the subject matter made this by far the best tour I have been fortunate enough to go on.

Added to this was what can only be described as arena tour worthy comedy material, with razor sharp delivery, and quick witted quips that kept you chuckling all the way to the airport. He was easy on the eyes also, but I hear he has had a girlfriend for over 6 days now. Only wish i could have afforded to tip him more.

A must in Prague.

“Ashley for president!”

This tour was absolutely amazing. Our Australian guide made the beautiful city of Prague come to life with a four hour history lesson. It was extremely entertaining and we didn't want it to end! Ashley also gave great tips about where to find good Czech food and beer.

If you go to Prague, don't miss this!!!!

“The only tour choice”

The tour came very highly recommended and my tour with John Paul managed to exceed those expectations. The tour was comprehensive and gave an excellent coverage of the history and sights of Prague. The tour pace wasn't slow but even small children easily kept up so it is suitable for everyone. I also recommend the Prague Castle tour.

“Ashley - best guide ever!!”

In the end of May I had the chance to take a walk in the city of Prague with Ashley. Such passion and charisma I have not seen for quite a while. Not only was I amazed by the excellent presentation of the guide but also his personal attention to every tourist and every single question he was asked, were more than appealing. Being a tour guide myself gives me the chance to have quite an objective perspective on the work of my colleagues, so I would not exaggerate saying that this was by far the best tour I have ever been to. One could learn a lot, enjoying beautiful scenery and fun and friendly atmosphere. Thank you for the amazing experience. Keep up the good work!


EVERY CHILD DESERVES A CHANCE, that's the motto of Chance 4 Children (C4C), one of the longest-serving and most far-reaching non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. The charity lends a helping hand to hospitalized, orphaned and socially marginalized children.

Since it’s inception in 1996 C4C has won international acclaim for its three distinctive and award-winning initiatives, which have succeeded in improving the quality of life for thousands of needy children:

Dr. Clown: The Czech Republic first and original Hospital Clown initiative, delivers their popular "Laughter Therapy" to thousands of hospitalized children.

Springboard to Life: Educational initiative, teaching vocational skills and life skills to orphans, who leave their foster environments, to make them employable and preparing them to integrate into society.

Robin Hood: The Robin Hood team partners with multinational corporations and local businesses to create nurturing environments, conducive to the growth and development of institutionalized children, and improve their quality of life.

Since 1996 the C4C team has raised more than 30 million USD to help the most disadvantaged and needy children in Czech society.

C4C - three programs one goal


Call to book Tour 4 Charity

+420 776 672 077


Call to book Tour 4 Charity

+420 776 672 077